Our packing Guide is broken down into four groups: Clothing, Shelter, Personal, and also assumes you have not been to the event before.
Actual items to bring are marked as such.... •Example•
if you would like only the actual Items then click "just the list"

  Remember that you are essentially camping in the desert when at Burning Man use common sense. Some Basic clothing* is essential for a positive Burning Man experience, there are some pretty extreme changes in the temperature (as low as 30F at night and as high as around 100F during the day)

  Burning Man is held on the Black Rock Desert aka "the Playa" it is actually a dried lake bed with a whole lot of a little thing called Playa Dust...

FACT: you and everything you bring with you will be covered in playa dust. If you can come to terms with this fact, you will save yourself from going crazy trying to stay Playa-free out there.
There are No Public Showers and you most likely will not be washing your clothes, so plan accordingly. (Click for the Playa Gear page and read about shower and similar options.)

  • Goggles • Goggles are not only for costume! a good set of goggles are HIGHLY recommended for the many dust-storms (White-outs) on the playa.
  • Dust Mask • I recommend something larger than a standard bandanna. Some people use painters masks or full on Gas masks. (check out the Playa Gear page for details)
  • Bandanna • bring at least three, I dip one in cold water and wear it rolled around my neck, one as an actual bandanna to help protect from desert suns wicked UV rays. and one larger one for my dust mask. but there are a million+ uses so don't forget your bandanna!
  • Head Cover • A Hat (the more wild the hat the better) Bandanna, motorcycle or other helmet, salad bowl flower pot etc.. 
  • Proper Footwear Choose something that you are very comfortable walking long distances in. sandals, flip-flops, or other open-toed footwear is not recommended for more than brief romp or trip to the bathroom, as the playa will cause most people's feet to dry and crack by about day three of exposure....and it sucks to have dry-cracked feet (or other parts) when you're trying to dance, run, walk, bike or ride a pirate ship across the the playa. (this is called Playa Foot )
There will be a costume info and a Costume section in the the Playa Gear page coming soon, for now just google or youtube Burning man costumes.

 (I'm going to assume you know how to dress yourself in the essentials for these extreme temperatures and conditions and multiply that by the days you are attending....if you do Not know this feel free to contact me with any questions on the matter)

so lets look at the most common forms of shelter: Tents, Domes, and Yurts.

TENT: If you go with this option, (I do) then there are 3 main questions you need to answer:
  1. Can my tent withstand winds of up to 60 mph? (if not what will you use to block the wind?)
  2. Is there too much mesh screen for playa dust to leak in? (if so will I patch it up? how?)
  3. Do I have Stakes that are at least 12 inches long. The ones that come with your tent are useless on the playa. Don't bother to bring them. Click on the Playa Gear page for some more info on tent stakes

Click on the
Playa Gear page to find links to Dome info.

Click on the
Playa Gear page to find links to Yurt info.

  • Shelter • some form of shelter from the elements (mostly Wind, Dust, Hot, Cold, but it can RAIN on occasion....and if that happens you will Love having at very least an adequate shelter.
  • Stakes • at very least you need 12 inch stakes, use either rebar, concrete form stakes, or some REALLY tough plastic stakes. Remember to bring something to mark your stakes with (lights bright paint, a foam pool noodle cut into pieces etc) (Playa Gear for more info and where to buy)
  • Hammer • You will need something to pound in the stakes.
  • Shade Structure • A second shade structure is  HIGHLY recommended. it gets HOT, and a good tent for the playa does NOT have a lot of ventilation and so becomes an oven in the daytime, So having a second tent or dome or something to chill in and hide from the heat is really a good idea.
  • Guy Lines • These are the strings that run from your tent to the ground, extra guy line is a MUST if you choose a tent for your shelter at BM. I would recommend something called Para-Cord (also called 550 Cord) as it is very strong, very lightweight and also very inexpensive.   An alternative would be neon colored Nylon Rope. (any hardware store) (neon because it make it easier to see, and tripping over a camp mates stakes or guy-line SUCKS.

Definition of a guy-line - A rope used to secure tents and keep them from blowing away. Guy-lines are typically tied to fastener rings on the outside tent walls and anchored to the ground with a tent stake. This also keeps the tent walls taut so that they don't flap in the wind.


 This is the most important section in my opinion. Items on this list can make or break your Burn.
  • Sunscreen LOTS of Sunscreen
  • lip balm
  • lotion
  • Warm Sleeping Bag! (and Extra Blankets?) and pillow(s) IT GETS COLD.
  • Air Mattress or Cot (you lose a lot of body heat through the ground)
  • Foam Ear plugs (In most areas you can hear LOUD music 24-7)
  • Tarp or old carpet (that goes under the tent, this is called the 'footprint' and helps insulate you from the desert floor)
  • Lantern (battery operated for inside of tent)
  • 18" rebar stakes! & small sledge hammer (again see the Playa Gear sections for more info)
  • Fluorescent surveyors tape/ribbon (for tent ropes) + Rebar covers(you will curse someone when you walk into camp and trip over a wire or stake that was invisible at night...then you will truly understand why these are essential for your tent)
  • Shade Structure (for a 'front porch' or even better to cover your tent and block the wind Easy-Ups, Parachutes etc, just make sure they are staked down correctly)
  • Camp chairs, Lawn Chairs, inflatable furniture, bean bags, hammocks, old couches (just remember to stake em down or keep em inside a wind barrier)
  • Folding table - amazingly useful - (for cooking on, as a bar, etc)
  • Old carpeting /ground cloth (to keep dust down in your living area)
  • DUCT TAPE, bungee cords, cable ties, work gloves (why ask why?)
  • Rope go with Para-cord / 550 cord. It is Cheap lightweight and VERY strong (see the Playa Gear section)
  • Cook Stove & Gas + waterproof matches (see Playa Gear section)
  • Pots, pans, Dr Bronners, scrubby.
  • Small tub to wash and collect gray water (if you do not know about gray water, then Click here)
  • Extension Cords and Power Strips (if you are taking a generator)
  • Battery powered Christmas Lights (L.E.D. Anythings last so much longer than traditional)
  • Battery or alternative energy operated radio (for Radio Electra, Radio Free Burningman, etc.)
  • Extra batteries!!!
  • Bike(s), tire repair kit, tools, air pump, lock, spare tube (see Playa Gear page)
  • LIGHTS...these are for many purposes, for you bike so people can see you at night, your body so people can see you at night. FUN so people can see you at night.
NOT FINISHED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 still a work in progress check back soon!


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